So, finally the semester is done. Those were quite a few tough months, right? For some, these few days are taken as a resting cure for tiredness and school stress. But others like to take advantage of that spare time and enroll in other kind of activities that allow them to improve some specific area. In this case, the subject in hand is language learning.

The Centro para el Desarrollo de Lenguas Extranjeras abides for you to practice other languages during the summer break. Why? Well, first of all, learning languages can open doors for you both inside and outside of the country. It doesn’t matter which area of work you belong to, being bilingual is extremely useful. On the other hand, learning another language as a personal matter can be very enriching.

As for the study during summertime, they can emphasize on giving better lessons on less time. Also, CDLE will prepare you not only in grammar or phonetics, but on cultural references of the language. In addition, as students are free from scholar activities, they can fully engage to that “subject” for a few months.

Perhaps a student will not enroll in a formal course because it might remind him of his former classes at the university. However, for those specific cases there are more dynamic options to choose from.

The CDLE will offer its second edition of the UCAB English Camp this summer. There, and for three weeks, you can immerse in language learning through activities at campus such as: debates, workshops, conversational clubs, phonetics and much more. 

Yet the world doesn’t revolve around English. These few free weeks are fantastic for practicing languages on your own. A great way to do so is by watching TV shows and movies; another one is by using digital and mobile platforms like Duolingo, Babbel, Internet polyglot, Open Culture, TV5 Monde Langue français and many more (they are free and are literally a click away).

The Centro para el Desarrollo de Lenguas Extranjeras has alliances with many institutes for ucabistas to learn and practice languages: CVA, British Council, Goethe Institute, el Instituto Italiano de Cultura and Fyr Lois. The center, through other institutions, also allows students to go abroad and get in touch with cultures different than their own (CAEP, Coast2Coast, Kaplan and EF).

To learn more about the UCAB English Camp, alliances, institutions that are our partners, you can check out the center’s social media (Instagram y Twitter): @cdle­_ucab. Also, you may send an email to [email protected], or visit their office (CDLE, Vox Lounge), located at EC-18.

*This article is available in spanish. You can read it by clicking here: ¿Por qué estudiar idiomas durante las vacaciones?

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