Learning a second language is a challenge for many and a nightmare for others, but it is important to note that acquiring a new language is one of the few things in the world that only provides benefits, from exercising the mind and developing memory, to making new friends.

According to a study carried out in the United Kingdom and published in BBC News in 2004, people who can speak foreign languages achieve greater purchasing power and multiply their income significantly, because they become more competitive professionals, able to interact in global contexts. Therefore, their profile can be considered more interesting and attractive for companies and job seekers.

While it is true that learning a second language is not an easy task, all the benefits this activity can bring to our lives must be taken into account. Before starting learning, it is essential to establish a purpose. When you have a reason to do something, it acquires greater importance, it becomes even more valuable and consequently, the desired result is obtained. For this reason, it is necessary to draw up a life plan with well-defined goals in order to be able to appreciate the advantages of using a second language in the process of achieving the objectives.

As one of the most significant benefits, it can be mentioned that learning another language stimulates the brain and helps to stay healthy. Some experts from University College London studied the brains of more than 100 people, of whom 80% were bilingual and discovered that this activity alters the gray matter; the area of the brain that processes information, in the same way that exercise develops muscles. So managing a second language also increases intelligence, memory, and problem-solving skills.

The advantages are not only focused on the professional area, but also on the social field. Becoming a bilingual person gives you the opportunity to make friends in other countries, get to know new cultures, appreciate their customs and beliefs, which at the same time allows you to better understand people and change the way the world is perceived. Likewise, a new language offers the possibility of expanding expectations and transforming perhaps impossible goals into perfectly viable objectives, such as studying, working and living in another country. Among the many advantages that can be highlighted, a person capable of speaking several languages is also more attractive to the opposite sex, as he or she is considered more interesting than other people.

For these and many other reasons, learning a new language only brings advantages to any successful life plan. For students who wish to experience all these benefits, the Centro para el Desarrollo de la Ucab offers different activities that support the acquisition and practice of a second language.

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♦Article written by the team of Centro para el Desarrollo de Lenguas Extranjeras/ Image: https:freepik.es